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The goals of the NCEP International Desks is to prepare an international cadre of meteorologists who can face the challenges of a modern weather and climate forecast office. The desks work in partnership with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the National Meteorological and Hydrologic Services in WMO Regions to promote a NOAA-sponsored training program that enhances the scientific capacity of the participating national services.

These training activities include three main components, in-residence training in an operational environment, on-site training via workshops, and follow-up training through distance learning. The three NCEP desks include the African Desk at the Climate Prediction Center, and the South American and Tropical Desks at the Weather Prediction Center. The three desks train over 20 visiting scientists each year in the residence program.

For further information on this WMO fellowship program and to download an application form, visit this WMO site.

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