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Office of the Director

Under the direction of Dr. William M. Lapenta, the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP), located in College Park, Md., is "Where America's Climate and Weather Services Begin". Virtually all the meteorological data collected over the globe arrives at NCEP, where environmental scientists analyze this information and generate a wide variety of environmental guidance information. NCEP delivers national and global weather, water, climate and space weather guidance, forecasts, warnings and analyses to a broad range of users and partners. These products and services respond to user needs to protect life and property, enhance the nation's economy, and support the nation's growing need for environmental information.

NCEP operates in accordance with the NCEP Strategic Plan. To meet the future needs of the ever-broadening user community and address the strategic climate-water-weather issues, NCEP is developing a "Seamless Suite of Products". The "Seamless Suite" describes a set of related products that are integrated and consistent throughout time and space, as well as across forecast applications and domains. It spans service programs and benefits from enhancements derived from the unprecedented and ongoing explosion of scientific and technological advances within the research community.

The Strategic Plan incorporates the need to take advantage of the greater community's capabilities and resources to meet customer/partner requirements and promote NCEP continuous learning. Examples of this are the Visiting Scientist Program (VSP) with the National Science Foundation and the shared learning opportunities with the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science at the neighboring University of Maryland - College Park, through a new Memorandum of Understanding.

An outside review was conducted in 2009 by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Community Advisory Committee for NCEP (UCACN). This review focused on all nine Centers that comprise NCEP, as well as the NCEP Office of the Director (OD). An Executive Committee plus five panels conducted the reviews, which is referred to as the 2009 Review. One of the major recommendations of the 2009 Review was that NCEP should establish a permanent external advisory committee to provide guidance on improvement of products and services based on the latest advances in science and technology. As a result, UCACN was established by UCAR in March 2011 and subsequent updates to the original report have occurred. NCEP plans to have another full report accomplished in 2015.

Updated Report of the UCAR Community Advisory Committee for NCEP (Jan 2013) (PDF, 492KB)

Updated Report of the UCAR Community Advisory Committee for NCEP (Dec 2011) (PDF, 400KB)

Initial Report of the UCAR Community Advisory Committee for NCEP (April 2010):

UCAR Review Action Tracking Tables for NCEP:

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